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Park Information
Misner Park 
  • 1.3-acre mini neighborhood park located between Longview Drive and Garden Lane on Winterbrook Street
  • Currently undeveloped park that consists of open area for play and lots of shade trees

Montgomery Park 
  • 1.3-acre mini neighborhood park located on Jacksonville Drive at Slaydon Street
  • Baseball practice field with backstop
  • Pavilion with picnic tables donated by the Rotary Club
  • Playground equipment
  • Wooden train donated by the Rotary Club

Smith Park 
  • 1.4-acre mini neighborhood park located on South Main at Jacksonville Drive
  • Flower bed compliments of the Rusk County Master Gardeners
  • Historical grave marker of General James Smith and his wife, Hannah Parker
  • Newly paved parking lot
  • Open area for play and lots of shade trees

Yates Park 
  • 14-acre community park located on Van Sickle Street
  • Benches throughout the park
  • Brick restrooms
  • Facility includes a paved basketball court
  • Fenced baseball field with bleachers
  • Lighted pavilions with seating and a barbecue grills
  • New iron fencing in front of the park and around the newly paved parking lot
  • New playground equipment with impact absorbent bedding in fall zones
  • Various playground equipment

Lake Forest Park 
  • 3 fishing piers
  • 60-acre community park that includes a 15-acre lake located on Highway 64
  • Benches throughout the park
  • Currently doing dirt work and drainage work throughout the park
  • Gazebo over the lake
  • Home of the new Civic Center
  • Includes walking trails
  • Lighted pavilions with seating and barbecue grills
  • Recently dug the banks out to remove tall grass along the shoreline
  • Recently tore down pool house and pump house and filled in the swimming pool
  • Restrooms
  • Various playground equipment
  • Volleyball court

Fair Park 
  • 1.8 miles of 6 feet concrete walking trails with three exercise stations along the trails and two pedestrian bridges over the creeks
  • 40-acre community park centrally located in town off of Fair Park and East Ragley Street
  • 1,800 feet asphalt entry road for access from Highway 79
  • 1,800 square feet water spray park (spray park hours are 10:00 am to 8:00 pm)
  • Concrete parking lot
  • Concrete skate park
  • Home of the Henderson Community Center and the Historical Auditorium aka The Alamo
  • Includes a fenced baseball field with concrete bleachers
  • Irrigation
  • Lighted pavilion with seating, water fountain, and a barbecue grill
  • Manicured open area for play
  • New playground with impact absorbent bedding in fall zones
  • Plaza area
  • Picnic stations with barbecue grill
  • Recently resurfaced tennis courts
  • Taking donations for benches throughout the park
  • Washer pitching course

For more information on our parks contact the Public Services Department at (903) 657-5246.