City Elections

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City of Henderson City Council will take action upon the process of appointment of a Council Member in District 5. 

Summary | The vacant District 5 Council Member seat will be appointed using an interview process. The interview board will consist of Mayor 'Buzz' Fullen, Mayor Pro tem and District 3 Council Member Henry Pace; and Council Member District 2 Michael Searcy. 

Process |   

  1. Citizens are asked to submit an application for consideration by [December 31, 2021].
  2. City Secretary Cheryl Jimerson will schedule interview appointments with Interview Board for [January 5, 2022].
  3. A Special Council Meeting will take place [January 7, 2022 at Noon]. 
  4. Council will make a decision on the recommendation from the Interview Board for District 5 Council Member. 
  5. City Secretary Cheryl Jimerson will give oath of office to newly-appointed Council Member. 
  6. The Special Council Meeting will adjourn. 

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