Q&A on the Local Declaration of Disaster

What does a Declaration of Emergency mean?

The mayor is authorized to declare a local state of disaster if a disaster has occurred or is imminent. Tex. Gov’t Code §418.108(a). An order or proclamation declaring, continuing or terminating a local disaster must be given prompt general publicity and must be promptly filed with the city secretary. Id. §418.108(c). The declaration of a local disaster activates applicable provisions of local or interjurisdictional emergency management plans and authorizes the furnishing of aid and assistance under the declaration. Id §418.108(d). A disaster declaration lasts for no more than seven days unless continued or renewed by city council or a joint board, as applicable. Id. §418.108(b).

Why the Declaration for The City of Henderson?

In an Emergency Meeting on 3-17-2020, City Council did vote to extend this Declaration of Emergency through the end of April. The City continues to monitor all expenses incurred locally and will follow processes for reimbursement back to the public entity of The City of Henderson and private parties as the law allows.

Are we currently under a lockdown within the City of Henderson?

No, the City of Henderson is not under a mandated lockdown currently; however, we recommend the practice of social distancing and refraining from travel unless absolutely necessary, as well as following the Governor’s Orders of Staying at Home unless an essential activity is necessary. Visit https://tdem.texas.gov/essentialservices/  to determine if your business is essential. 

Are restaurants or businesses being forced to close?

At this time, The City of Henderson is not mandating the closing of any specific businesses, including restaurants. However, the recommendation still remains to follow the federal guidelines of 10 or less in a gathering. Some businesses may choose to close as part of their effort to help with containing the spread of COVID-19.

Is the drive through open at the Annex? 

Yes, in addition the night drop is available and is being checked frequently throughout the day. For your convenience, we also encourage you to make payments online here, or call us at (903) 392-0645. You may also download the City of Henderson mobile app, available on the Apple Store or for Android devices.

For school related questions, please contact your local school district and administration. For county facilities, please contact Rusk County.