Virtual Docket

The Henderson Municipal Court offers virtual court appearances which allow defendants to resolve cases at a video hearing using ZOOM on a computer or smart device.

Online Court Proceedings (Youtube)

Judge's gavel beside open laptop computer


  • To enter a plea of NOT GUILTY and request a trial by judge or jury.
  • To enter a plea of GUILTY or NO CONTEST.
  • To request deferred disposition probation in cases for which that option is not available without a court appearance.
  • To appeal to the Judge for a fine reduction.
  • To appeal to the Judge for payment terms different from those a clerk can approve.
  • To request that the Judge lift a City of Henderson warrant.
  • To request a different payment due date or amount from that established in a previous judgment or payment plan. Be prepared to explain why a change is required.
  • To request more time to complete community service, a driving safety course, or other Court ordered program.
  • When appearance is required by State law or Court policy for the charged offense.

The Court will make every effort to dispose of your case(s) at a Virtual Court Appearance; however, this option may not be feasible in all circumstances.


You must have a webcam or built-in camera with sound and video functionality on your device to make a virtual court appearance. The ZOOM app must be installed on the device before the virtual court appearance begins.

  • If you have a language barrier or disability requiring a special accommodation including translation services, contact the Court at least 72 hours before your Virtual Court Appearance.
  • Visitors are required to adhere to all Courtroom Rules and Dress Code.
  • Treat Court staff and proceedings with respect at all times.
  • Avoid background noise and inappropriate or distracting background displays.
  • Give your full attention to the proceedings by silencing and putting away all digital devices.
  • Recording of virtual Court proceedings is prohibited.
  • Be patient as technical issues may arise and cause delay.
  • State law requires court hearings be open to the public; therefore, all Virtual Court Appearances are streamed live to YouTube. Proceedings are not recorded.

To schedule an appearance in Virtual Court, contact the Court to obtain a meeting ID and login instructions.


  • Device capable of accessing the internet (PC, MAC, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.)
  • Fast and stable internet connection.
  • Attached or built-in camera that will allow the Judge to see you clearly.
  • Attached or built-in microphone that will allow you to speak to the Judge.
  • Attached or built-in speakers that will allow you to hear the Judge.
  • Working email address from which you can send and receive images or documents.
  • Working telephone number which Court staff can use to reliably contact you.


  • Unless otherwise specified, all amounts ordered by the Judge require immediate payment. 
  • If the Judge approves an extension or a payment plan, an immediate down payment may be required. 
  • MANDATORY | Completed payment plan application which discloses financial information, contact information and references. 
If the Judge approves an alternate means to satisfy a judgment (e.g., Community Service) a clerk will provide further detailed instructions.