Planning & Zoning

Zoning Map

Official zoning map of the city was adopted August 1984, setting out zoning districts within the city limits as referred in the Zoning Ordinance for regulating the location, use, and occupancy of buildings, land, and water. Regulations in each district determine permitted uses, accessory structures, and uses by special exception, dimensional requirements, percentage of lot coverage, yard setbacks, and maximum height of structures. This ordinance also regulates signs, home occupations, non-conformity, off street parking and loading facilities, site plan approval process, and special uses.

2017 the City Council hired a firm to update the Henderson Zoning Ordinance (HZO) and map; after more than a half dozen Steering Committee meetings, Focus Group meetings and public input; City Council adopted Ordinance 17-05-18 June 13, 2017.  The new ordinance is intended to be very user friendly, well cross referenced and be able to objectively address 95% of all zoning issues that may arise directly. It also lays out the process and considerations for fairly dealing with the other 5%, through request for variance, planned development, appeals, or rezoning.
2018 after several meetings the past year; the Zoning Administrator complied a list of changes that needed to be made to make the HZO better fit the City of Henderson, Texas. With recommendations from the P&Z Commission the City Council adopted Ordinance 18-08-33 amending the HZO October 9, 2018. 

​Planning and Zoning Commission

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