Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division provides fair and equitable enforcement of City of Henderson Code for all Citizens with the goal of protecting property rights and land value, ensuring health and safety, and encouraging Citizens to observe and maintain a higher quality of life.

City of Henderson Code of Ordinances

Common Code Violations

  1. High Weeds

Did you know that grass and weeds more than 12 inches in height is considered an unsanitary condition and a code violation?  


While short grass and weeds may look nice, it is also an important way to prevent rodents, insects and stagnant water from developing as a result of overgrowth. When grass and weeds are maintained below 12 inches, our community not only looks better, but it's also cleaner and safer. 

  1. Junk and Accumulated Rubbish

Henderson residents may not accumulate garbage, rubbish, brush, filth, carrion or any other unsightly, objectionable or unwholesome matter on their property. In addition, you may not store any material on a vacant lot.

Junk accumulated in yard

Bulk pickup is provided curbside each Friday for Henderson residents. 

  • Collection will include two bulk items such as: sofas, mattresses, water heaters, washing machines, ect. 
  • For pickup of leaves or lawn trimmings, please make sure they are dry and securely bagged, limit 20 bags per pickup request. 
  • For pickup of limbs or twigs, please make sure they are bundled securely with rope or twine, weight limit 35 pounds per bundle. 

Please schedule at least 24 hours in advance for pickup by calling Republic Services at (903)986-5324.

  1. Illegal Dumping

Dumping in unauthorized locations is a crime, and is considered a large concern by local government and Citizens alike. Illegal dump sites can lead to a number of health and safety concerns because they can contain broken glass, hazardous waste, exposed metals, and other dangerous materials that can harm children playing, adults working nearby, or runoff into a nearby stream polluting available water supply. Dump sites also attract rodents, snakes, mosquitoes, and other pests, making sites even more dangerous to Citizens.

Illegal Dump Site filled with old tires

Illegal dumpers also potentially hurt honest businesses by dumping illegally, since they are not paying proper waste disposal fees. We encourage you to work together with our local elected officials and law enforcement agencies towards a cleaner, healthier, and safer community. Located below are resources and information about reporting and preventing illegal dumping.

East Texas Council of Governments Report Illegal Dumping Site 

Texas Litter Abatement Act

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To report a Code Violation, please click the image above or contact Billy Hughes at: (903) 392-0786.