Fair Park & Yates Park

Fair Park

40 acre community park centrally located in town off of Fair Park and E. Ragley St.
(302 Fair Park)

Home of the Henderson Community Center and the Historical Auditorium aka “The Alamo”

Includes a fenced baseball field with concrete bleachers

Recently resurfaced Tennis Courts

1.8 miles of 6’concrete walking trails with 3 exercise stations along the trails and 2 pedestrian bridges over the creeks

1800’ asphalt entry road for access from HWY 79

Concrete parking lot

Lighted pavilion with seating, water fountain and a BBQ grill

Washer pitching course


A picnic stations with BBQ grill

New playground with impact absorbent bedding in fall zones

Concrete skate park

1800 sq. ft. water spray park (spray park hours are (9:00AM to 9:00PM)

Manicured open area for play

Plaza area

Yates Park

  • 14-acre community park located on Van Sickle Street
  • Benches throughout the park
  • Brick restrooms
  • Facility includes a paved basketball court
  • Fenced baseball field with bleachers
  • Lighted pavilions with seating and a barbecue grills
  • New iron fencing in front of the park and around the newly paved parking lot
  • New playground equipment with impact absorbent bedding in fall zones
  • Various playground equipment
Taking donations for benches throughout the park

$20.00 for 2 hours to rent the Fair Park Pavilion

To book, contact Jacqueline Madden at (903) 392-8232.