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December 17, 2020 1:38 PM

Solid Waste and Recycle Winter Update (2/23/21)

Many of you have voiced your concerns regarding trash pick up. Here's our solution..
*Trash pickup will resume as normal - meaning, expect your trash to be picked up on its regularly scheduled day
*Friday's recycle and bulk pick up has been postponed until next week - instead, Republic Service will use Friday to catch up on anyone they may have missed or didn't get to
*DO NOT put overflow trash / trash bags in recycle bins, they will not get pick up
*INSTEAD - this week only, if you have overflow garbage, you can put it on top of, or next to, the trash can and Republic Service will pick it up on your scheduled pick up
*Commercial Dumpsters - in the event your business still has overflow garbage after your dumpster has been emptied, simply refill your dumpster, call Republic Services, and they will come out and empty it again free of charge (903) 986-5324

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