Streets & Drainage

Program Description

The function of the Streets Department is to maintain and repair the City’s streets, traffic and street signs, and drainage facilities. This is accomplished by performing work functions such as pothole patching, utility cut repairs, spot sealing, mechanical street sweeping, tree trimming, sign maintenance and installation, drainage ditch maintenance, and severe weather / emergency response duties. Since this division has heavy construction equipment, it is utilized to support all other divisions within the city when heavy equipment is required.

Performance Objectives

  • Patch potholes in a manner that they remain in place longer
  • Repair utility cuts in a timely manner
  • Sweep streets on schedule and as needed
  • Repair and replace street signs as required
  • Respond to service requests in a courteous and timely manner
  • Repair and replace storm drain structures as needed

Master Street Improvement Program

In 2003, the Master Street Improvement Program was developed and implemented. A full inventory of every street in town was taken and those streets were scored by condition and traffic load. A ranking was produced by adding these two scores together using a 2 to 1 ratio traffic load to condition. These streets are reevaluated and updated once a year.

The 5 million dollar bond project is a continuation of this program. This bond project was broken into three contract phases with hopes of completing 75 streets in total. The first and second phases of these contracts have been completed and closed out. 25 streets are left in Phase 3 of the Master Street Improvement Program.

*Phase 3 was awarded to Rayford Truck and Tractor on Tuesday, September 15th, 2020.

Phases and Streets List 

For a current schedule of anticipated weekly work, click here.  

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