Administration Department
This department includes the City Manager who oversees the general operation of all city departments and works closely with City Council to ensure the citizens of Henderson receive the highest quality of service possible. The City Secretary is appointed by City Council and provides administrative support to the community, council and departments. You may contact the Administration Department at (903) 657-6551, or by email.  

Animal Center
The Henderson Animal Center is responsible for taking in and caring for the unwanted or stray animals from the City and areas of Rusk County. This department also responds to animal related calls within the city and finds homes or rescues for unwanted and displaced animals of Rusk County. For more information, please contact the center at (903) 657-7651, or by email

Civic Center
The Civic Center is responsible for Civic Center Rentals and Park Pavilion Rentals. To make a reservation, please contact Jaqueline Madden at 903-392-8232, or by email

Community Development Department
This department is responsible for building inspections and permits, planning and zoning, subdivision development, and includes the Board of Adjustments as well as the Planning and Zoning Commission. You may contact the Community Development Department at (903) 392-0786, or by email

Finance Department  
This department provides for the processing of all financial data in a timely, accurate, and cost-effective manner. This allows the department to monitor budgetary requirements; to invest the city’s funds; and to comply with all city, state and federal laws. Additional functions are accounts payable and receivable, personnel and employee benefits, utility billing and collections, tax collections, and budgeting. You may contact the Finance Department at (903) 657-6551, ext. 114, or by email.

Utility Billing Office Division 
This division within the Finance Department is responsible for generating and collecting the monthly bills for water/sewer/refuse services to the citizens of Henderson. All deposits, payments, delinquent notices, customer inquiries, drafts, transfers of services and adjustments are the responsibilities of the water office. You may contact the Utility Billing Office at (903) 657-6551, ext. 117, or by email

Fire Department 
This department ensures the protection of lives and property through fire protection efforts and general education to the public. Other duties include inspections, investigations, and answering complaints for the prevention and correction of fire hazards. The department is staffed with 15 full-time firefighters and approximately 21 volunteer firefighters. For non-emergency communication, you may contact the Fire Department at (903) 657-6551, ext. 119, or by email

Main Street
The Henderson Main Street Project’s mission is to utilize volunteers and public-private partnerships to revitalize and maintain the downtown business district; and to create and keep an attractive historic environment that is economically viable through the Four-Point Approach of organization, design, economic restructuring and promotion. Henderson Main Street is a continuation of the Texas Main Street Program which began in 1988.  The program is designed to promote the existing downtown business and assist downtown property owners in historically reconstructing their buildings and helping to occupy them with businesses.  You may contact Main Street at (903) 657-6551, ext. 304, or by email

Municipal Court Department 
This department is a criminal court with jurisdiction over Class C misdemeanors occurring within the city limits. This includes traffic citations, parking tickets, disorderly conduct violations, and school and truancy violations, as well as state law and city ordinance violations. You may contact the Municipal Court at (903) 657-6551, ext. 112, or by email

Police Department  
This department is dedicated to preserving human life, maintaining public order, protecting the rights of persons and property, and enforcing all applicable laws and ordinances within the City. The department maintains divisions in administration, criminal investigation, patrol, communications and records, animal control, code enforcement and reserve officers. The police department serves as the Emergency Operations Center for the City of Henderson. For non-emergency communication, you may contact the Police Department at (903) 657-3512 or by email

Public Services Department  
This department includes general city maintenance, parks & cemeteries, street & drainage maintenance, surface & groundwater production, wastewater treatment, and water & sewer line maintenance. For questions regarding streets, drainage, parks, cemeteries or the community center, you may contact the Public Services Department at (903) 657-5246 or by email. For questions regarding water, sewer, planning, or construction inspection, you may contact the Public Utilities Department at (903) 657-5246 or by email.

General Maintenance Division 
This division of the Public Services Department maintains and repairs all of the City’s public buildings and grounds and facilities to assure safe and workable conditions. Other responsibilities include maintenance and repair of water and wastewater treatment facilities. General Maintenance operates from and is part of the Public Services Department. You may contact the General Maintenance Division at (903) 657-5246 or by email.

Parks & Cemeteries Division 
This division of the Public Services Department ensures safe, well-maintained parks, which include athletic fields & playground equipment, shelters, picnic tables, and restrooms at Lake Forest Park and Yates Park. Approximately 45 acres covering seven parks are maintained. Cemeteries are maintained and cover approximately 25 acres, including Lakewood Memorial Cemetery, Old City Cemetery, Flanagan Cemetery, Graham-Hall Cemetery, and Smith Cemetery. You may contact the Parks & Cemeteries Division at (903) 657-5246 or by email.

Street & Drainage Maintenance Division 
This division of the Public Services Department maintains the City’s streets, street signs, sidewalks, and drainage systems. The street and drainage division is also responsible for mosquito control. The City has 200 miles of streets. You may contact the Street & Drainage Maintenance Division at (903) 657-5246 or by email.

Surface & Groundwater Production Division 
This division of the Public Services Department maintains and operates the City’s water production facilities and maintains distribution water quality through an extensive fire hydrant flushing program. The water production facilities include one surface water treatment plant, eight wells, four ground storage tanks, three elevated storage tanks, and two pump stations. Total water production capacity is 9 million gallons per day. 

By monitoring water system pressures 24 hours per day and flushing strategic fire hydrants monthly, the surface and groundwater production division ensures adequate, safe, and a high standard of water quality throughout the City’s distribution system in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and meeting or exceeding all state requirements.  You may contact Public Utilities Director Randy Boyd at (903) 657-5246 or by email with questions or to set up a group tour of the plant.

Wastewater Treatment Division 
This division of the Public Services Department maintains and operates the City’s wastewater treatment facilities. The wastewater treatment facilities include 2 wastewater treatment plants and 5 sewer lift stations. By maintaining good biological treatment and monitoring industrial discharges into the sewer system, the wastewater treatment division operators discharge treated wastewater from the City’s residential, commercial, and industrial customers to waters of the State of Texas in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act and NPDES/TPDES federal and state permits. The wastewater treatment division has five state licensed wastewater operators. You may contact Chief Wastewater Operator Chris Potts at (903) 657-5272 or by email. You may contact Public Utilities Director Randy Boyd at (903) 657-5246 or by email with questions or to set up a group tour of the plant.

Water & Sewer Line Maintenance  
This division of the Public Services Department maintains the City’s water distribution system and the sewer collection system. The City’s water distribution system is made up of approximately 60 miles of water lines ranging in size from 2 to 24 inches and 665 fire hydrants. The City’s sewer collection system is made up of approximately 48 miles of sewer lines ranging is size from 6 to 24 inches, five lift stations, and 700 manholes. You may contact Utility Foreman Charlie Graham at (903) 657-5246 or by email.

Tourism Department 
This department is responsible for distribution of the motel/hotel tax collected by the City. All tax monies are expended in accordance to the state law. The Department’s duties are to market and promote Henderson through advertising as a travel destination. You may contact the Tourism Department at (903) 657-6551, ext. 303, or by email.