Planning & Zoning

Zoning Map Development

The official zoning map of Henderson, Texas was adopted August 1984. This map set Zoning Districts, as referred to within the Zoning Ordinance; for regulation of the location, use, and occupancy of buildings, land, and water. Regulations within each district determine permitted uses, accessory structures, and uses by special exception; along with dimensional requirements, percentage of lot coverage, yard setbacks, and maximum height of structures. This ordinance also regulates signs, home occupations, non-conformity, off street parking and loading facilities, site plan approval processes, and special uses.

In 2017, City Council hired a firm to update the Henderson Zoning Ordinance (HZO) and map. After more than a half dozen Steering Committee meetings, Focus Group meetings and public input; City Council adopted Ordinance 17-05-18 on June 13, 2017.  The adopted ordinance was intended to be user friendly, well cross-referenced and able to objectively address 95% of all zoning issues which may arise. Ordinance 17-05-18 also laid out the process and considerations for fairly dealing with the remaining 5%; through request for variance, planned development, appeals, or rezoning.

With the arrival of 2018, the Zoning Administrator complied a list of needed changes which made the HZO better attuned to the changing needs of the City. With recommendations from the P&Z Commission, City Council adopted Ordinance 18-08-33 amending the HZO on October 9, 2018. 

Planning and Zoning Commission

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