Cemetery Board



The Cemetery Board shall advise and make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding:

  • The care and upkeep of City-maintained cemetery properties. 
  • Improvements to City cemeteries. 
  • Acquisition of additional land, or capital improvements and their design and placement. 
  • Landscaping and maintenance of headstones, mausoleums and markers. 
  • Updating of City codes regarding City-maintained cemetery properties.
The Cemetery Board prepares and recommends an annual budget for the cemetery fund, monitors quarterly financial reports on the adopted fund budget, and acts as a liaison between cemetery organizations and the City. 


Current board members are:

Phillis Alford
Evelyn Craig - Chairman of the Board
John Dulin
William Garmon III
Leo Gonzalez
Lisa Wallace

For more information on when the Henderson Cemetery Board meets, or to purchase cemetery spaces at Lakewood Memorial Park, please contact:


Marlen Villanueva, Lakewood Cemetery Administrator 
Phone: (903) 392-0786 


lakewood View digital map of plots at Lakewood Memorial Park.