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Through collaborative efforts, the Communications Division assists in guarding the life, property, and constitutional rights of all; and pursues justice through active listening, rapid action, compassion and respect for our Citizens to ensure a safe and secure community.


Our Center is made up of a Communications Supervisor and Telecommunications Operators, better known to the public as dispatchers.


Police dispatchers receive calls that come directly to the law enforcement facility, or are redirected through a 911 call. Dispatchers take calls from the public, other dispatchers and agencies using telephone, computer-aided systems and radio communications. 

When a call is received, the dispatcher processes and evaluates the information and determines not only the importance of the call, but also what type and how many emergency services personnel will respond to it. 

In addition, our Communications Division: 

  • Handles all City of Henderson 911 (including text to 9-1-1) and non-emergency calls
  • Dispatches for numerous agency responders, such as:
    • Henderson Animal Control (after normal business hours)
    • Henderson Fire Department
  • Answers and transfers all medical emergencies to 
    • UT Health EMS (within City limit)  
    • Champion EMS (for County) 
  • Coordinates emergency communications during disasters and other critical situations
  • Activates the Smart911 emergency warning system
  • Provides Public Education to City of Henderson residents, schools, child care facilities, nursing homes, and businesses
  • Handles all after hours emergencies for the City of Henderson, including:
    • Street Department 
    • Parks Department
    • Water Department
    • Texas Department of Transportation

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  1. Communications Supervisor 

    Sara Rowe

    Ph: (903) 657-3512


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